The Lake Tahoe retreat once owned by the late Howard Hughes is currently up for sale for $20 million. The property was called home by the business tycoon and entrepreneur and is set right on the waterfront of Lake Tahoe.

The house itself was built in the 1930’s and is a relatively quaint wooden cabin. It has been dubbed Crystal Bay and includes five bedrooms as well as four bathrooms. Also found within the house are exceptionally high ceilings, a large fireplace and a kitchen incorporating wooden cabinets and marble benches.

The property also has a large wooden deck overlooking Lake Tahoe acting as the perfect place to kick back and wind down. There is also a spa on the deck as well as a wooden jetty stretching from the house right to the edge of the water.

While the house itself is amazing, the true selling point is the location. White rocks line the shore of Lake Tahoe and just past them is pristine bright blue water. The event buyer of the house will also be provided with free access to the local ski resort, a 37,000 square foot recreation centre as well as two golf courses.


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