Underground Racing is responsible for producing some of the world’s most insane twin-turbo Lamborghinis. Their latest project involves a bright green Huracan modified to deliver 2000 hp at the wheels and is being developed to be one of the world’s quickest and fastest street-legal cars.

The Underground Racing Huracan has competed at a few rolling drag race events in the United States and it is clear that the tuner is targeting the world’s fastest Nissan GT-Rs, namely the Alpha Omega from AMS Performance. At the recent Texas Invitational, the Huracan came home second behind the Omega and most recently, attended the Racewarz event at Pocono Raceway.

As the car is still being developed and tested, Underground Racing still has some refinements to make before challenging the fastest GT-Rs. After the event, UGR said that running on street tyres rather than drag radials (as used by the GT-Rs) was a mistake.

We look forward to seeing the development of this Italian beast!

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