A $150 million Holmby Hills mega-mansion hit the market yesterday. The Holmby Hills house is located on Carolwood Drive on a plot formerly occupied by Barbra Streisand. The iconic singer and actress moved out in 2000. The property was bulldozed and passed ownership several times before Gala Asher purchased the plot in 2014 for $13.25 million. The replacement property bears no resemblance to Streisand’s former home.

The plot measures 8,000 square meters while the interior boasts 3,530 square meters of living space. The owner will receive 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms for the stunning asking price. The main bedroom alone measures in at 500 square meters. There is a spa level with an indoor lap pool, waterfall, hair salon, steam and massage rooms.

The house is up for sale with Caldwell Banker Homes. The property is a flagship project for the company Gala Asher runs, Dream Projects LA who have been building some of the most expensive properties in the area. This latest example includes three swimming pools and a private hiking trail!

The most important statistic though? The property has enough space for 50 cars with a 10 car garage. What would you choose to fill that space with?

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  1. Its great seeing these articles every now and then when GTs posts them however usually there is no mention of the garage/parking. This article is good as it mentions the 50 car space / 10 car garage – which i see it as the heart of GTs and what articles should relate to

    As an idea for future articles either once a week – or some other regularity – how about featuring stunning properties and/or interesting properties in the USA and also key global markets – that have some special appreciation for the car too i.e extensive indoor garaging. Underground lifts into a car cave. Homes built with features around seeing the cars ….. just an idea …… for example on one end of the scale you’ve the apartments in Singapore built specifically for car lovers to take their car (s) upto the apartment – as an example they could be worth reviewing / giving a reader/owners POV living as such


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