Ford GT Crashes in the Philippines

Ford crashes in the Philippines

A white 2005 Ford GT has been badly damaged in the Philippines after the driver lost control of the American supercar while showing off to onlookers.

Top Gear Philippines reports that just before the crash, the driver was furiously revving the Ford GT. He then span out and crashed into a local repair shop causing significant damage to the car. Rather incredibly, the driver immediately fled the scene after the crash.

According to a local witness, “It seemed like the driver was putting on a show until he spun out and hit a car repair shop. The driver immediately fled on a Hyundai SUV, which, according to bystanders, was a backup vehicle of the GT.”

It remains to be seen how many Ford GTs reside in the Philippines but at least four examples of just 4038 ever produced have been crashed in the Asian nation.



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