Earlier in the week, the impressive Kazan City Racing event was held in the Russian city of Kazan. Among the company’s and automakers which made a presence at the show, Red Bull Racing certainly got the crowds cheering the loudest.

In total, there were 20,000 attendees at the event and Red Bull Racing made sure not to disappoint them. It brought along current Formula One driver for the Red Bull team, Daniil Kvyat who got behind the wheel of Sebastian Vettel’s championship winning RB7 from 2011. During that year, Vettel won 12 out of the 19 races to comfortably take the driver’s title.

Discussing the event, Kyvat said “It was a really nice event. It was great to see so many people here, even if the weather wasn’t great, but because of that I think we saw the true fans of racing here in Russia and I was very pleased with that. It was great to do a show run on home soil. There were so many supporters of mine here today, and it was a great feeling to see them all here. I hope to see them all again in Sochi for the grand prix later this year.”

Alongside Kyvat and the screaming Formula One car, successful Red Bull drifter Nikita Shikov hit the pavement in his custom Toyota GT86 drift car. Other Red Bull athletes included Ayrat Mardeev, Timur Timerzyanov and Arunas Gibieza.

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