Design Finalised for Next-Generation Land Rover Defender

Production of the Land Rover Defender is set to come to an end later this year and then the British firm will shift its attention solely towards the next-generation model. However, it has emerged that the existing Land Rover Defender could be produced outside of the UK.

In a recent statement issued by Land Rover, the firm said, it is “investigating the possibility of maintaining production of the current Defender at an overseas production facility, after the close of UK manufacturing. Any continuation would see low-volume production maintained for sale outside the EU”.

One possible location where the existing Land Rover Defender could be produced is in India which is of course the home of Jaguar Land Rover owners Tata.

Interestingly, Land Rover has confirmed that if production of the current Defender is moved overseas, it will not be sold in the European Union. Instead, only the next-gen Defender will be found across Europe.

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