New Land Rover Discovery Family Could Stretch Beyond Three Models

Land Rover has confirmed that the upcoming Discovery family could include more than the three models initially anticipated. The launch of Land Rover Discovery family will come on the back of the launch of the Discovery Concept from the New York Auto Show 2014.

While speaking with AutoExpress, Land Rover Design Studio Director Richard Woolley said, “Discovery will evolve into a family of vehicles overtime and not necessarily a three car family, and I can confirm that, there could be more.”

It is possible that the Discovery family could include a sub Evoque SUV designed to compete with the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. When discussing this possibility, Woolley said, “Yes, it is something I think we should look at, there’s a general trend for downsizing in the market. But whichever sector we went into we have to be the best in terms of off road capability.

“The challenge for us is to keep those vehicles relevant because the current trend could be a fad. Fashions come and go and we have to ensure whatever we do isn’t just following that fashion, our cars have to mean something and they to be relevant (sic).”

Elsewhere, Woolley confirmed that the transparent bonnet technology previewed on the Discovery Concept is doable but isn’t as close to the market as the All Terrain Progress Control.


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