GTspirit Top 10 Bugatti Veyron Special Editions

Since it first went into production in 2005, Bugatti has made countless special edition Veyron and Veyron SuperSport. They have made so many that sometimes, it’s hard to remember them all. So, as a refresher, we have compiled a list of our favorite special edition Veyrons. We hope you enjoy the countdown and feel free to tell us which special edition Veyron would grab the top spot in your list in the comments below.

10. Wei Long
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long
The Veyron Wei Long was first shown at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show and was built to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The special one off Veyron is easily identified by the porcelain dragon logos on the fuel filler cap and wheel hubs. The exterior was finished in a special White Polish paint scheme, complimenting the unique Carmine Red interior. Inside, the headrests and hand crafted floor mats also feature the Chinese Dragon symbol.

9. Middle East Edition

Bugatti showed three different Middle East special editions at the Dubai Motor Show in 2011. The first was painted bright yellow with black carbon inserts on the body and black wheels. Inside, the seats are yellow with black stitching, accented by a black dashboard, steering wheel and gear shift. The second model used a two-tone blue and polished aluminium paint scheme with a tangerine and dark blue leather interior. Finally, the third model featured a two-tone green exposed carbon fiber and polished aluminium body with a green and silver interior.

8. Fbg Par Hermes

The Veyron Hermes was the result of a partnership between the fashion designer and automaker which stretches back more than 80 years. Leather manufacturer Hermes used to create custom interiors for many of Ettore Bugatti’s cars throughout the 1920’s. The Hermes Edition Veyron is an ode to this partnership, utilizing Hermes calfskin leather on the dashboard and Hermes luggage style leather on the door handles. Outside, the Hermes edition uses a unique front fascia and special eight-spoke polished aluminium wheels.

7. Bleu Centenaire

The Bleu Centenaire edition is a one off special Veyron which was painted in matte blue. Unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the car featured unique brush aluminium wheels and a leather “Snow Beige” interior.

6. L’Or Blanc
Gallery: Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc in Paris by Arthur H. Photography
Bugatti teamed up with the Royal Porcelain Factory of Berlin to build the one of a kind L’Or Blanc special edition. The car utilized a special porcelain design to distinguish its exterior, with a matching blue and white leather interior.

5. Legend Jean Pierre Wimille
Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse Legend Edition JP Wimille
The Jean Pierre Wimille special edition was a limited run Veyron of just 3 units. Paying homage to the blue 1937 Bugatti 57G Tank, the car was painted dark blue with light blue contrasting sections, while the interior carried a similar color combination. The Jean Pierre Wimille edition was unveiled at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

4. Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition

The Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition was a limited run production Veyron of eight. Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2013, the World Record Edition Grand Sport Vitesse uses a black and orange exterior color scheme with orange accents around the headlights and orange wheels. On the inside, it uses a similar black and orange color combination.

3. Lang Lang

Built for Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang, this one off Veyron SuperSport uses a piano inspired black and white exterior color scheme. The theme continues on the inside with white embroidered leather and black stitching, meant to mimic sheet music. Additionally, the steering wheel logo has been plated with gold, along with the wheel hubs and fuel filler cap. To top it all off, Lang Lang signed the dash with a gold marker.

2. Sang Noir
The Only Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir in Canada
Built for customers who did not like the black and orange color scheme of the World Record Edition Veyron SuperSport, the Sang Noir utilized an all-black exterior with a bright tangerine orange interior.

1. Pur Blanc

The Veyron Pur Blanc, known to some as the ‘Panda’, is a 1 of 1 Veyron SuperSport built for a well-known customer in Boston, Massachusetts, though it is seen around Los Angeles often. The Pur Blanc, which means Pure White in French, uses a special black and white exterior scheme and similar combination on the interior. It also has ‘Pur Blanc’ stitched on the headrests.

Special Mention: Mansory Linea Vincero d’Oro

Mansory, no stranger to giving cars a little extra flash, managed to make the Veyron turn even more heads with the Linea Vincero d’Oro. Featuring a naked carbon fiber body and gold wheels with gold accents, this Veyron is unique to say the very least. While it isn’t an official Bugatti special edition, we just couldn’t help but stick it in our list.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of the best Veyron special editions made so far. There will be more to come, with Bugatti promising last August that they would release six total Legends special editions over the next twelve months. We’ll have to rely on those to hold us over until the successor to the mighty Veyron arrives.

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