Saleen Confirms It Is Working on an Electric Car

Just a couple days after revealing that a brand new American supercar was in the works dubbed the S8, Saleen has confirmed it is also working on creating a new electric car!

Understandably, the project is still in its early stages and Saleen has yet to reveal just what segment of the market the Saleen EV will target. Nevertheless, a sporty vehicle is likely and one which will act as an appropriate sibling to the upcoming Saleen S8 supercar.

When discussing the new electric car, the automaker’s boss Steve Saleen that, “We recognise that electric cars are a trend, not a fad, and expect this vehicle category to continue to increase as an automotive option for consumers.”
“We intend to enter this market with an offering that is truly innovative and offers the styling and craftsmanship associated with the Saleen Automotive brand. The rapid pace of advancements in electric vehicle technology makes our entry into this market sector timely and should expedite completion of this project.”
Saleen also revealed that this Saleen electric car will force the public to “throw out your pre-conceived notions and expectations. This vehicle will be revolutionary in its aesthetics and mechanics”.

As a reminder, Steve Saleen left his namesake company in 2007 after a falling out with management. Shortly thereafter he founded SMS Signature Cars who went on to produce high performance versions of various American muscle cars and trucks, with a primary focus on the car that gave Saleen so much of its success early on — the Ford Mustang. However, earlier this year, Saleen Automotive was revitalised and given another lease on life!

[Via Autocar]

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