Corvette Drifting Fail

Sometimes, drifting is better left to the pros, or better yet, if you are practicing it, do it on open non-public roads. But the owner of this red Corvette did not know any of that, in what seemed to be a normal cars gathering in the US, the driver of this red Corvette tried to drift his car as he drove away from the show which looked like it had come to an end. Normally guys like exiting in style and so was he but it turned out that he had not mastered the skills well or maybe on that particular day the car let him down.

All in all this was a dangerous move on a busy road, he almost caused a head on collision with an oncoming truck, and he actually rubbed it off and drove away. We have showed some good drifting and bad drifting on here but this was not only bad but also a dangerous attempt, rather careless. One cannot go without noticing the stick-on brake caliper covers too! Ricer?


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