We can only speculate as to why the following car is even in existence, but it seems as though the owner of a little Mini Cooper from Cannes became so bored with its appearance that he decided to send it over to Wood & Pickett of London to have a coachbuilt Mini created.

And all of this reportedly happened in September/October 1973, making it all the more incredible that this car is still in such pristine condition!

It’s believed that the car was first created in 1973, but since that time it’s returned to Wood & Pickett numerous times to have more work done, including the inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz front grille, and a “Landau conversion”.

If reports are to be believed, then this is the only car of its kind in the world and with only exterior shots of it being available, it’s unclear whether any coachbuilt work has been done in the cabin or under the hood.

One thing is for sure however, and that is that this is definitely overkill!

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