Those who have been following the progress of filming for the latest James Bond film, Bond 25, will know that things have not been going smoothly. Danny Boyle signed to direct the blockbuster but quit in August 2018 citing creative differences. Filming was delayed as a result, with the script re-written. The film’s star, Daniel Craig suffered an ankle injury in May and, just yesterday, a controlled explosion at Pinewood studios caused damage to one of the buildings, and minor injuries to a crew member. Now production of the film has been further hit by the actions of a BMW club in Norway.

Norwegian newspapers are reporting that a car club from Møre og Romsdal caused damage to the tarmac of a bridge Bond 25 planned to use as a location for the film. The reports suggest that on Saturday, a group of BMW drivers were travelling on the famous Atlantic Road between Molde and Kristiansund. The group were performing burnouts for several kilometres of the route which left heavy black lines along the road. The production company behind the film are reportedly upset at the damage that the reckless behaviour will have on the visuals of the film.

The reports suggest that Norwegian authorities spent a considerable amount of time trying to remove the marks but have had little luck. Filming was expected to close the Atlantic Road this week and the reports we have read suggests that it will be closed today and on Friday for filming. The production company have applied for licenses to film using a helicopter on the stretch of road.

Videos of the incident have been uploaded onto YouTube. The Storseisund bridge is very famous and characterises one of the most iconic stretches of the Atlantic Highway. According to some sources, between 200 and 500 BMW’s were driving along the Atlantic Road on Sunday as part of an annual event. Hopefully, this is the last of the bad luck and Bond 25 is able to get back on schedule. It is currently scheduled for general release on 3 April 2020.

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