Two fires in a car that is still building its market penetration in the automotive world would result to a serious negative brand image if action is not taken swiftly. Could it be a marketing strategy to tarnish Fisker’s image since it’s already proven in the recent past of a competitive future?

The California-based already recalled its cars due to the fire hazard and to top up to more Fisker problems; the Department of Energy had denied them access to more than half of a $529 million government loan guarantee with a major investor telling the press that Fisker needed an extra $150 million to bring it back to the market.

Well, they finally spoke about the fire and said there are no engineering problems whatsoever but a faulty cooling fan after its investigation into the car fire on August 10 in Woodside, CA. They added that it’s a defect in the fan caused it to overheat hence the slow burning fire. They stressed that the fire was not caused by the lithium ion battery pack. Karma recalled its first lot in December with more cars being added to that recall in June and the defects were the coolant hose clamps in the lithium ion battery compartment.

“This recall campaign is not expected to have a material financial impact on Fisker,” the company said in its statement.

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  1. The Fisker Karma is in fact a pretentious – under engineered – over weight – over priced POS . Every attempt to test one has proven the car a joke . Its an over styled VOLT in Henrik’s drag for the Green Wanna Be More Money than Brains sect .

    The only thing competitive about Fisker in fact is the competition between Fisker and TESLA as to who will prove themselves the bigger joke and rip off to the American Public ( since its our Tax Dollars that are propping up the two little jokes ) Alternatively ……. which one between the two will prove themselves as the main contender for the John Z DeLorean Clone of the 21st Century award . I’ll go for TESLA .


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