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Warehouse Full of JDM Cars Burns Down in the UK

An unfortunate event earlier this week saw a warehouse full of JDM cars burn down near Wigan in the UK. The warehouse belonged to RB Motorsport, a well known JDM specialist in the area.

Management of RB Motorsport was left devastated and released in a statement on Facebook that 99 percent of everything has been destroyed, including a couple of customer cars. Fortunately nobody got hurt in the ordeal as only material damages have been reported.

The most recognizable out of the burned down carcasses is a Nissan GT-R. Other photos show a couple of imports parked outside the burning warehouse, including a Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra. Let’s hope that those cars did actually survive the fire.

RB Motorsport said it will take them a long time to get everything up and running again. We wish them the best of luck rebuilding their facility!



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