A Reddit user recently spotted this Pagani Zonda replica, broken down outside a business park in Laredo, Texas. Perhaps this overkill is justified? Afterall, the Pagani Zonda was never certified for sale in the US. But then again, you only have to look at the dimensions and the height to work out that this is not the real deal.

It’s probably one of the better Zonda replicas we’ve reported on. Take, for example, this home made Zonda constructed from fiber glass in someone’s garage! We don’t have any details on this car but if anybody does, feel free to let us know through the ‘tip us’ function at the top of the page!

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  1. Don’t get me wrong,I am very sorry to say this,

    “EPIC FAIL..!!”

    Zonda is my favorite car, U simply cannot make a replica of it..

  2. These pictures were taken in Laredo, Texas, not California, the plates are from California but San Isidro business park is in Laredo. The “reddit user” sent me the pictures before

  3. pictures of this car were sent to me to secure my buy in.. they want $140,000 for this car. The interior is out right disgusting. Its suppose to be done on a Porsche Chassis but I know the specs on this car like the back of my hand and unless you worked with a Carrera GT you would have to cut out all 4 corners of a regular Porsche and stitch it back together to meet the 107 wheel base of a Zonda. I am happy to see a sucker on blast for buying it.

  4. It had a broken hose and they changed it in 15 minutes right on the spot. I was an awesome car. The wing is missing yet, they said it was a test drive and still need to complete it.

  5. Jaque, why don’t you just ask for the details and some pictures of the building process? You are either a professional car builder and give us details how you would do it or just trying to impress us how knowledgeable you are.
    I saw a few people there and they all loved what they saw. People kept stopping to take pictures, some of them had to return who weren’t able to stop or spotted the car too late…
    Seems like you either have $2million bucks to buy the real one or can’t afford either the replica and having a bitter moment…

  6. Oh yeah, it had a v12 Mercedes- don’t know how many HP, but it sounded pretty awesome when they fixed the car and started up.

  7. Joe need a clue, I would never spend 2 million on a car because its not required to have top quality on 4 wheels. People who spend that money are those that simply can and have no time to collect what it take s to build a dream. They want it ready made. As far as being able to afford the knock off, No I could never afford such an embarrassment. The difference is I know more about the Zonda series than the “kit” builders that glued this concept together coupled with the fact that I know what true car folks would be impressed with and this is not the Big Mac my friend.
    Another clue, people will take a pic of anything, its what they say when they tell a friend. I am a builder and you will hear about mine soon enough..


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