Hamann Hawk SLS AMG Roadster Ride

Our second video from Monaco comes from Hamann and the Hamann Hawk SLS AMG Roadster. One of the best aspects of the show is that customers get the opportunity to try out some of the latest models from bepoke supercar companies and tuners. Shmee150 took a ride in the red roadster to give you an idea of what makes this car so special!

The Hamann Hawk SLS AMG Roadster features power, aerodynamic and suspension upgrades. The new stainless steel exhaust system, engine mapping and sports air filter translate to maximum performance figures of 636hp and 680Nm of torque. On the tarmac, that means zero to 100km/h in only 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 320km/h.

For the bodywork, Hamann fitted a new front bumper with LED lights, a new bonnet made from chequered flag carbon, new fender flares, side skirts and a new rear apron complete with diffuser. The SLS Roadster sits 60mm wider at the front and 70mm at the rear. A coilover kit lowers the ride by up to 30 millimeters.

As you will see from the video, the improvements make the car shout louder than any other SLS AMG Roadster on the market. Make sure you turn up the volume!


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