Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer has revealed new details about the 2013 Galibier 16C aka Royale in an interview with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

The Galibier will be outfitted with a sixteen-cylinder engine producing between 800hp and 1,000hp. A hybrid version will be available. The expected “leader” in the luxury segment will have a series of 500 to 1,500 units. The German executive hinted a price tage of more than € 1,000,000, but the official price tag has not been set.

The expected released of the Galibier aka Royale is planned for 2012.


  1. They couldn’t even sell the Veyron properly and I bet a four door Veyron won’t cost 1mio as well and that brings me to the production numbers: They’ll never ever sell 1500 cars! It just won’t happen.
    Especially if it will look like a posh Porsche Panamera what is IMO by far the ugliest car on the roads.
    They sound optimistic though so they must have an ace up their sleeve.

  2. Yeah! They have an ace. It’s called marketing department. Nowadays no manufacturer makes a car before they make very, very detailed research about how it’ll sell. I don’t like the car too, but they don’t rely on my poor ass to buy it. They have a whole bunch of Arabs lined on a trail. So please, guys, save me your whining. Remember when Ferrari revealed their FF how many of you said what a crap it is and how Ferrari won’t sell any of them. Well what you didn’t knew is that before Ferrari even draw the FF the asked their clients what car they want and they made it exactly what the clients wanted. And they are the guy which are going to buy the car not we the poor bast***s from the blog!

  3. @Kris: I read somewhere the other day, they have nerly 400 interessted customers, so how will they sell 1500 cars if they haven’t even reach the lower end of their plans.
    I know they don’t give a rats ass about our opinion because we are not even slightly the customer group of that car but 1500 is a bit far fetched.

  4. 400 before they even reveal it. Now imagine after 10 years of production. They can exceed 1500 cars for that period if you ask me. Trust me! They did their math and if they say 500 to 1500 cars production run they are 100% confident they’ll sell every single one of them.


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