Bugatti 16C Galibier

According to Car Magazine, Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has stated in an interview that the Bugatti 16C Galibier will be hybrid next to a version using the Veyron’s W16 engine. The luxury four-door supercar will eventually be part of a two-strong Bugatti range. This means that there will be a hypercar brand post-Veyron.

Some highlights of the new vehicle include sales of 3000 Galibiers versus Veyron’s 300, the Mulsheim’s factory being expanded to cope with the development and production, a design freeze expected in autumn 2011 and an interior featuring porcelain trimmings. No decision has been made on a carbon monocoque like the Veyron, or an aluminium spaceframe. The expected price tag is 1 million+.

Stay tuned for more information on the future.


  1. 3000 cars would be impressive considering VW did just about managed to sell 300 of the Veyrons=)! +1 million € + vat? Let’s hope it’s a carbon chassi for that money!?

  2. porcelain trimmings?

    It make sense for the higher production #, as there are lots more buyers for sedan then coupe. Porsche sells way more Panamera then 911, Benz sell way more S-class then SL.

  3. Galibier will be definitely nice car, when it will come. Porcelain trimmings – also been entitled. This very nice interior solution, if good designed.

  4. Looks like a posh Panamera and for me the Panamera is one of the ugliest cars ever made. Please Bugatti, change the exterior design!
    The interior might look good as it did in the Veyron but the Veyron looks good on the outside as well and this simply doesn’t :(

  5. @Jeff C, “Porsche sells way more Panamera than 911” are you sure about that? I don’t think so! Show me some stats to prove me wrong.


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