Monaco 2011 Gemballa Tornado Porsche Cayenne 958

German tuner has official unveiled their program for the second generation Porsche Cayenne 958. The Gemballa Tornado program is the first creation of the new company and includes carbon-fiber body panels, a new wheel set, uprated braking system and ECU upgrade.

The Gemballa Tornado celebrates the 30th year of the Gemballa brand in 2011. Only 30 numbered Gemballa Tornado cars will be built, making this a very special and exclusive model.

More information on the tunig program click here.

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  1. The first Gemballa Tornado was a true piece of art, it was beyond perfection, it was the most beautiful and interesting SUV in the world…
    And this one, well, it’s impressive, but it’s not even 10% as good as the first one, designed by Uwe Gemballa.
    I’m very disappointed by this model.

  2. Thank You Alex G.!! This is true and it has its simple cause in the fact, that its only the name they use. Uwe would never have issued such a ridiculous thing…


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