Exclusive Gemballa Tornado 2011 Porsche Cayenne 958

Gemballa is back, that is emphasized once again with this brand new package for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne 958. The Gemballa Tornado program is the first creation of the new company and includes carbon-fiber body panels, a new wheel set, uprated braking system and ECU upgrade.

According to Gemballa, in the past, it was commonplace to bond carbon fiber parts to modified factory steel panels. However, this does not significantly lighten a car, nor is it a rigorous use of this lightweight material.

Other than its steel body-in-white, rear quarter and roof panels and hatchback, almost all the steel body panels on the Tornado are replaced by carbon fiber equivalents. The carbon fiber bonnet, front wings, side sill covers, doors, front and rear bumper/valance and rear hatch outer skin save around 70kg compared to the original steel panels and PU bumpers, and all the new panels use the factory mounting points.

The new front styling has a new large grille, flanked by two smaller ones providing additional ram air for the two stages of uprated, twin-turbocharged engine. Brake cooling ducts sit beside the fog lights, and the vertical LED daytime running lights are added as well.

The complete carbon fiber door assemblies are designed as direct replacements for the steel factory units, and incorporate the factory steel side impact protection bars, central locking and electric window mechanisms. The same matt black visible carbon finish is used on the new tail panel and rear corners and was inspired by the Gemballa Avalanche GTR. The wider carbon fiber arches make the Tornado’s overall width increase up to 2.05 meters.

The steel structure of the tailgate is mated to a new carbon fiber skin, which re-contours it and covers the recesses and holes provided for the inner half of the factory tail light assemblies. The new, stacked round rear light design completely changes the look of the Cayenne’s rear. The design also includes the four individual round exhaust outlets, a true Gemballa design motif.

The Gemballa badge on the new tailgate reveals lettering cut out using an ultra high-pressure water jet cutting process to cut the Gemballa name out of a piece of carbon fiber. The brushed stainless steel panel below provides the silver colouring.

The enlarged wheel arches are filled by wheels sizing 10.0J x 22 inch with 295/35 ZR22 tyres on the front axle, and 12.0J x 22 inch with 335/30 ZR22 tyres at the rear. Despite their greater size, these forged, ultra-light and strong monoblock alloys are no heavier than the standard 20 inch wheels.

The uprated braking system is made by Brembo, Gemballa’s partner for brake component development. Massive 420mm vented discs with six-pot callipers are used at the front, with 405mm vented discs and four-pot callipers at the rear. All four discs are cross-drilled and slotted, and made exclusively for Gemballa in these sizes.

Gemballa already offers a Stage One Cayenne Turbo engine conversion with 580hp. The Tornado will be equipped with Stage Two, which is nearing its final development stage. The goal for the engineers is a 35-40% power increase, which equates to between 675 and 700hp. The projected torque increase of 30%, or close to 1,000Nm, requires the relevant drivetrain components to be uprated as well.

On the inside, the engineers and trim specialists are developing a completely new design for the Tornado’s cabin.

The Gemballa Tornado celebrates the 30th year of the Gemballa brand in 2011. Only 30 numbered Gemballa Tornado cars will be built, making this a very special and exclusive model.

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  1. heh… cayenne is such a hard car to gain up.. even Gemballa couldn’t do it really properly… just Mardard done it well… but it it’s 2door version isn’t changed despite the doors…


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