Maybach Art

With the financial and economical crisis slowly fading away a lot of car manufacturers can breath more freely again. Similar to supercar and luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce but sadly enough not for Mercedes-Benz daughter Maybach.

The Germans keep on struggling to sell more pieces of their super exclusive and luxurious cars with sales numbers in the low hundreds over the last year. With the production plant capable of producing about 2,000 vehicles per year, the problem has to be found with the customers.

In order to keep the financial situation positive, Maybach started an eyewear line earlier this year. Now they announced they will have to include sponsoring in art by setting up a two-year partnership with American artist Julian Schnabel and the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

Over the next two years, Julian Schnabel and Maybach are engaging in a multitude of initiatives. As did photographer David LaChapelle in 2009, Julian Schnabel is participating with the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation and its mentoring program, which identifies and supports young high-talented individuals including artists with great potential in their field. Schnabel also made a short film documenting the Maybach brand.

Maybach Art

[Via Motorauthority]


  1. The problem is that the Maybachs are not really different to an S600L. The S-class was updated regulary in the last decade but the Maybach looks and feels the same now for 10 years I think.

  2. the car was built on the cheep on a 10 year old s class platform. it was not in the same league as the phantom which was an porpose built alu space frame. who would be in the right mind to buy one when the ghost is olso on the market

  3. Rolls-Royce make the best cars in the world? Who would seriously believe that? They’re nothing but super-overdone-oversized-over-expensive dinosaurs! even their quality isn’t top, which for such a car is a real disaster! Look for Aston Martin or Bentley: that’s luxury cars, newly defined. (unless you didn’t mention: Mayb… isn’t even on that list, you want a Mercedes, buy a Mercedes!)

  4. Most buyers who have the money to buy a Maybach are buy it not technology,fuel consumption or the pricetag that comes with it but for the name, badge, club prestidge exclusiveness and feel of the vechicle car and brand the presenc that the vechicle brings with its individualality and identity which sadly Maybach has failed repeatedly in when idenitfying to it’s customers what a maybach is meant to be in the modern day.


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