Official Jaguar S-Type by Panzani

The Italian tuner Panzani Design has released their take on the Jaguar S-Type with an aftermarket program, named Vintage GT.

The images reveal Panzani’s Jaguar S Type aero kit which includes wider front and rear wheel arches (10cm wider), new side skirts, front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, and a newly designed bonnet with large air vents. The rear of the Panzani Jaguar S-Type got a carbon fiber boot lid featuring an integrated wing, and a rear diffuser integrated in the bespoke bumper.

The custom exhaust system with double centered tail pipes produces a new improved soundtrack. Other interesting details are the massive wheels and the bonnet made from carbon fiber.

The interior features a bespoke leather upholstery, a custom sports steering wheels and carbon fiber inserts.


  1. hahaha. Wait, this is a joke right? Your not trying to tell me that someone thought this was a good idea are you? The car was ugly to begin with but it is quite litterally an eyesore now. LOOK AT THOSE WHEEL ARCHES!!! they stick out an extra 3″ on each side

  2. I see “Hispanics” here in LA driving better looking cars.
    Just think if that were a girl! She would have the fatest ugliest hips…think JayLo on steroids!


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