Bullrun 2011 Rally

Bullrun announced the route and details of their Bullrun 2011 Rally taking place July 8th – July 15th 2011. The start and finish of the 2011 Bullrun will be in two of the biggest party cities in the United States; Las Vegas and Miami!

Traditionally the rally will be started yet again by a special celebrity flag girl. The route in between the start in Las Vegas and the finish in Miami remains a closely guarded secret and participants will only find out where they wil be heading that day when they receive their route cards in the morning. But we do know that the rally winds its way through some of the best roads in the southern United States.

The rally will finish on July 15th with a huge finale party in party central, Miami, Florida, followed by the Bullrun awards ceremony. Registration for the 2011 Bullrun Rally is open now and costs $ 20,000 per team including all five-star accommodations, meals, Bullrun parties and more! In the meantime the Bullrun television show “Cops, Cars and Superstars” will be in its 8th season and currently airs in over 96 countries around the world.

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  1. “The route… remains a closely guarded secret”

    Right, last year the secret route included a visit of the Tazer factory. The participants didn’t know, they paid to visit this s##t. This rally sucks.

  2. “Chris” obviously you have never been on the BullRun. This rally is the greatest rally around. When you do the BullRun and don’t have the week of your life, THEN you can talk, but I doubt that would happen. Taser sponsored our breakfast, it was a big last day kick-off morning, it was actually a really cool experience, but I guess you always visit top secret guarded buildings with more technology in its doors than you have in your life, it wouldn’t be cool at all to you, neither would visiting the Michigan International Raceway, Iowa Speedway, etc, that seems really lame huh Chris?

  3. The beauty of Bullrun is that you don’t know where you will be going next. It could be a racetrack, it could be an Amish farm, or it could be U.S. landmark location like Monument Valley or the Grand Canyon. Bottom line is, you’re there to have fun, meet new people, drive cars fast, and party all night long.
    It’s a completely different adventure each year.


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