Magazine Shots Completely Reveal 2012 Pagani Huayra

After the first cover shot of the new Pagani Huayra revealed yesterday, the first official photo followed quite rapidly. It was also only a few hours after Pagani revealed the fourth teaser video, and now these leaked images have caused somewhat of a chain reaction.

We can now show you a series of scans revealing the complete package. This is the new Pagani Huayra and it looks ‘different’ to say the least. The footage shows the rear, the interior and the left side of the hyper car.

One thing is for certain. The release of the vehicle will be immenent and will happen somewhere next week. The official world debut will be at the Geneve Auto Salon 2011 in March.

Feel free to share your comments regarding the back of the car.

Update: We have come across three additional pictures via our friends at Teamspeed. One scan shows the view of the top of the car compared to the Zonda R, the second picture is the second official press picture showing the rear of the car and third is a spyshot new to us all. Please update your opinion after seeing these new findings.

Pagani Huayra Rear

Pagani Huayra Rear 01


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  1. looks alright..I would think they would make this pagani alot better looking..after making us wait for like a damn year.. let us down a bit.

  2. What a piece of S#$% is quite awful I am disappointed i looks bad I didnt expect this from Pagani, never to do with the beauty of zonda!

  3. whats that in the drivers’s seat? is that for cooling up driver’s balls after a horrified drive? its no match for zondas. Italians have gone really mad; Ferrari with FF and now Pagani with its Huayra!

  4. The first couple of pictures made it look like crap. but then i saw the last two of the back of the huayra and the very last picture of the top(see the pictures at the bottom) and i loved it. I cant tell which one of these pics are fake. Surely one of them is cause that back doesn’t fit with the other pics. Plus theres no way in hell a supercar maker would make such an ugly car. especially one like pagani that has been working on this car 8 years (counting first sketch which took one year). Pagani is a passionate company

  5. I’ll reserve comment until some better shots can be had. I can say that wheel package looks familiar and I don’t like it in the new or older rendition.

  6. i love this car it looks awesome, but i have to say that the zonda is still better, i dont like the gullwing doors, it doesnt really suit the car, but still sick


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