First Official Photo of the Pagani Huayra

Today we showed you the fourth teaser of Pagani’s upcoming hyper car, Huayra. The video was accompanied by a picture of the vehicle placed on the cover of CAR magazine’s Spanish-language edition.

At first we had our doubts and some of you who have seen the scan may have wondered if it was real. As you can see from the photo above, it is! has released an official press picture they were sent.

We’ve had the photo for a while, but didn’t want to run it and break a confidence. But now the Huayra has already been revealed it makes sense to publish the actual photo we were sent. And we do tend to agree with the concensus after the Teamspeed photo ran this morning – the Huayra seems a bit of a let-down.

Maybe the Huayra will grow on us. Maybe it looks better in the flesh (no, we haven’t seen the actual car). But when you consider the underwhelming design of the Huayra and the problems we know Pagani are having with both the Huayra shakedown and its production, things aren’t looking brilliant for Pagani.

The official release of the Zonda successor is next week, so stay tuned for more about the Huayra.


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  1. This is by far the biggest disappoint I ever had in the automotive history.

    The mighty Pagani Zonda Cinque was, is and will always be my all-time favorite car, ever.

    I’m very sad :(

    I hope they will work it out if they will get many negative reviews about the design…

  2. I don’t think Mr. Pagani cares what any of you think. He didn’t build this car for the masses, he built it for the elite. It isn’t the peoples’ car, it’s his creation.

  3. all the hype for what???…. this??…. what a let down :(
    i hate when people change designs just for the sake of changing designs….. maybe it is meant to increase the value of the older ones??

  4. Oh sh**! The Zonda especially the F and the Cinque are IMO the most beautiful cars ever made, and the Zonda Uno is also a stunning car but I never thought that it will be the last good looking Pagani, because this is just ugly and hideous. The gullwings are ridiculous, the front is very ugly and the intakes are meaningless. Don’t like it at all – I hope it will be reworked and the whole design of this thing will be changed.
    Massive dissapointment – nuff’ said. :(

  5. Never judge a car by its incomplete look though its official. I am sure Pagani wont let us disappoint. Lets wait for the complete release.

  6. Im not a Zonda fan.. but this car starts to make some feelings in me.
    Firstly, the name is very extraordinary, then the looks that I even kinda like because its different from previous models and if this car will be even faster than previous Pagani models then I can say that this will be a car with very interesting personality.

    Well done Pagani!

  7. Super cars dont grow on you,it the first look at ’em that makes you not want to change page,its a real ugly car,the Zonda Cinque is my all time favorite car and it was from the first moment that i saw her.Ferrari thinks that the success of the Italia design would be translated in success on any other car and the outcome?horrible. Now Pagani thinks that putting the Zonda rims,headlights some SLR air intakes in the front and SLS doors would look nice,i will say my opinion on this thing:F****** FAILURE!


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