Video Full Hennessey Venom GT Road Test

The guys over at Road&Track made a nice footage showing the Hennessey Venom GT in action at a track somewhere in the USA.

The online magazine created a new overview of the 1200hp sports car which includes interviews with the owner – John Hennessey – and the test driver – John Heinricy – of Hennessey Performance Engineering.

Check out the video below!


  1. This uses only the basic elise bodywork, the internals are completely and utterly different. Its been completely stripped and reworked. Its very quietly one of the nicest tuner vehicles in the world.

    Hennessey hasn’t gotten a lot of props as of late because they are mostly known for their Vipers, but they are among the best on Earth at everything automotive.

    This Venom will take your Elise from the rear by force…And make it like it. lol


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