The next chapter in the four-door Bugatti story has been written. The name of the model has been revealed. AutoExpress has reported that the maker will take the wraps off its much-rumoured car at the IAA 2009 beginning of September and will call it Bordeaux.

We have heard names like Royale and Project Lydia passing by, but it is clear now the most luxurious and expensive saloon ever will be called the Bordeaux. The artist impressions and noisy pictures showed some parts of the looks and the back of the car over the past few days. Full design and specifications are not known at this stage.

The car is expected to get the same quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W16 engine from the Veyron. The engine produces 1001 horsepower, and up to 1250 Nm of torque, suggesting the Bordeaux will be the fastest four-seater ever produced. The inside will get the finest leather produced, combined with suede, metal trim and generous load area.


  1. Bordeaux ? why not “vodka”, “booze” or “drive drunk and kill people” ? (Although I admit we already have Rolls-Royce’s “spirit of extasy”) It can’t be named after the city (in France anything else than Paris is considered vulgar) so it must be the wine… which is ok when it’s a good one like Château Margaux (Hemingway), but not when it’s midrange “vin de table”.

  2. Chateau Margaux is a quite mediocre wine, and if you believe it is a high-quality wine, you are as hyped as the message you try to pass on ;).

    Bordeaux is a beautiful region, with amazingly surprising roads and mesmerizing views, combined with luxury places and incredible pleasures.

    Or would you rather have seen a Bugatti Alsace or Bugatti Lille?


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