We reported on the Dodgeball Rally last week. There’s some pretty special cars on the rally including two Veyrons and two McLaren SLR’s. Today we receive word that all cars were caught speeding midway through France and licenses were taken along with the common €750 fine.

Our source claims that the cars had been stopped and warned about their speed earlier on in the day when the police were lenient in clocking all cars at 177kph (109 mph).

Failing to keep to this advice, and having been clocked at speeds up to 210kph (130mph) the police had no option but to confiscate driving licenses and issue the fines.

To start with, the Mirage Ford 720 was flashed at 196kph (122mph), a Ferrari F430 at 197kph (122mph) and an Aston Martin and Bentley both at 191kph (118mph). Implying that the other cars were not speeding at this point. Then, a little further down the line, the two Veyrons got stopped at 194 (121mph) and 210kph (130mph).

In all honesty, this isn’t likely to have stopped the participants getting to St Tropez, the rallies final destination. €750 is nothing to the person who owns a million euro Bugatti Veyron.

They got stopped near Troyes, Northern France.

[Via L’est-éclair]


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