There’s a wealth of rallies that happen every year in secrecy. You just don’t know that they’re happening until someone leaks a few videos of the starting line up or some pictures happen to get posted in public. Dodgeball Rally seems to be one of those types of events.

We don’t know anything about it other than what the stickers tell us. It appears to be a three day event starting yesterday at the Dorchester Hotel in London and finishing in two days time (Wednesday) in sunny St Tropez, France.

We’ve managed to make out at least 2 Veyron’s including the gold and matte black example we saw on the 2009 Gumball 3000. Also present were a number of SLR’s, Aston Martin’s and an orange Ford GT as well as a matte black F430.

Enjoy this collection of videos we’ve found. A limited number of pictures are available form



  1. Hi

    I’ve just read yesterday on your website about the dodgeball 2009 and this morning in the newspaper of my city (France Champagne) that english drivers with supercars were stopped by police for excessive speed about 20mph over the speed limit it’s The two veyron, 2 merc SLR and 3 bentley. The drivers have got a 90€ fine about (76£) but you’ve got that kind of car what is 76£ …

    In an other town (troyes) a f430, a bentley, a bmw and a db9 were stopped for great excessive speed more than 118mph, they’ve got a 750€ fine (633£) but more annoying the driver license have been kept by the police.

    thx for your website it’s always a pleasure to read it.


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