We’re proud to show you our new website! The previous GTspirit website has been visited over 7 million times and the was time right for a new look. Apart from a fresh new design we further improved the comment function and made it easier to navigate throughout the frontpage and the forums. With the new website we will further improve our daily supercar news and automotive event coverage. We can’t tell you everything yet but we’ve got some exciting events and supercar reviews coming up!

Also make sure to check out our forum for the latest supercar news and rally gossip. We hope you enjoy the new website and forum design, your thoughts are welcome in the comments!


  1. The previous design was very
    good already (see Jalopnik for
    a bad one) so I can’t say that
    there’s a huge gap, yet I just
    wish all web sites were that
    clear and pleasant.

  2. Thanks guys! Glad you like it. I tried to keep it as clean as possible with all important features in reach.

    Next step will be a full gallery integration.

  3. rofl was well confused when navigated here thought I had come to wrong place, looks great though, much better old look was starting to tire.

  4. agree with .avalancher.

    one thing…please “un-squash” this column and make it more like 60-70% width rather than what look like 50%.
    other than that, looks great!


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