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First of all you can comment on our topics about the latest supercar news, tuning programs and road tests. While commenting you are able to use your personal avatar picture. Bored by the white/grey picture shown in front of your comment? Also wondering how other visitors installed their avatar? It is quite easy! Just visit www.gravatar.com.

As a commenter you can create an image suitable for a gravatar and upload it to your account on gravatar.com. The gravatar is rated while using limits — a gravatar with a G rating will appear everywhere while a gravatar with an X rating may not appear on many blogs at all.

Then, when you submit a comment, our Gravatar plugin takes your e-mail address (submitted in the comment form and on the website of Gravatar) and attempts to find a match at gravatar.com. If it finds a match, it displays the corresponding image. If there’s no match then we display the boring white/grey picture you are all familiar too.

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Do you have a personal or company Facebook fan page or Twitter feed our editorial team should follow, please let us know via the contact link in the main menu!

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