Caprice Bourret

Supermodel Caprice Bourret is back in the Gumball 3000. In 2005 she took part in a Porsche 996 Turbo as team number 2 together with one of her best friends Pepa of Hip Hop band Salt-n-Pepa. We don’t think she’s driving herself this year as in August 2006 she was sentenced with a 1 year driving ban for drink-driving. If she undertook a drink-drive rehabilitation course her ban would be shortened to nine months but even then it’s not in time for this years Gumball 3000. Remarkable detail: celebrity solicitor Nick Freeman also known as mr Loophole, for the great number of motoring related cases he won with the loopholes he found, wasn’t able to help Caprice. The good thing about not driving yourself in the Gumball is that you can party and drink as much as you want! Read the latest interview with her here.

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