Team Polizei

Team Polizei released their new Gumball 3000 website today! At you find all the latest Team Polizei Gumball news. With the start of the rally only days away Alex Roy and Michael Ross doing final checks with the Polizei M5, everything needs work well and be in absolute top condition for another 3000 mile episode. Only thing remaining now is what theme Team Polizei picks up this year. Back in 2003 Alex Roy started with the Polizei theme, in 2004 he arrived at the start as a Canadian police unit, in 2005 Guardia Civil was Team Polizei’s force of choice, referring to the problems with the spanish police the year before, and finally in 2006 Alex Roy and Michael Ross acted as Gumball Tax Collection Patrol based in the Bahamas. Feel free to leave your 2007 theme suggestions and guesses in the comments or in our Gumball 2007 forum!

Team Polizei Pre-Gumball Update #1:

Polizei Kommandant Herr Alex Roy has convened with Masterpilot Michael Ross in preparation for the scofflaw-crushing assault upon European roads. As always, the Polizei are testing their equipment and ensuring that the last of the E39 M5 Interceptor’s systems are all in proper precise working order. Kommt morgen, Polizei HQ will have a special announcement from Herr Roy.

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