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Day 8: Who Says Shopping is for Girls?

A little over a week ago it started with a party. Tonight, Gumball 3000 will finish as it started, with a peppering of Bunnies to sooth the tired bodies and minds.

The trek to the Mecca of Shopping (Rodeo Drive, LA, for the boys that read this) signals the closure of business for another year of shennanigans of speed, the passion of petrol and the ability to celebrate every night of the week with a party. Whilst you’re all there, make mine a smashing pair of Manolos, please….. ;p

Huge congratulations to The Guv’nor of Gumball, Alex Roy, his trusty sidekick with the wheels of molten lava, Michael Ross and their surprise finishing compatriates, Team Tork!

But, the Gumballers haven’t been falling into complacency in the final stage of this exclusive concrete-wearing, tyre-thrashing, brake-busting, grog-glugging, whoosh-wheeling, prank-pulling, jaw-dropping encounter… hell no, they’re up to their usual mischief….

Gumball Evil-Genius, Alex Roy, has been weaving his mishcief again. Reports of the Team Polizei strategy being upped by planning to hire a chopper to counter-indicate the presence of US traffic police measures through the final legs are confirmed: as gadgets come, that’ll be going on the list of golden ones…

I can only dream of a car being vacuum packed and delivered to my front door. Team Polizei didn’t. After the Heinous Haddock Incident, they were once again confronted by simple sabotage by clingfilm. Let’s be sensible: clingfilm won’t stop a Bentley. End of term report on the prankster: must try harder.

A checkpoint in Death Valley should whip up a thirst ahead of the Grand Finale party tonight. I picture lost souls endlessly searching for water, dragging their weary bodies through the dirt and dust, desperate for the quench of life…… being overtaken by our gasoline-guzzling Gumballers with a hunger for all things to whet the appetite… Mind you, that’s if this checkpoint is adhered to…. ;p

I’ve concocted a theory to Nods and Dean’s Hummer strategy: bigger than the Lambo – check; heavier than the Lambo – check: Playboy Bunnies’ combined-breast-weight = Hummer. Save the curse of Ant and Pete, N&D might be prepared for tonight by the workout of a vehicle they didn’t expect to pilot.

Tonight at 8pm local time, the thoroughly initiated Gumballers will finally reach the point of chill and deviously disorderly conduct when they place their pedal-worn toes inside the Playboy Mansion. After over a week of hard driving, it’s time the GumBabies kicked off, flumped out and enjoyed to the max….. let’s hope that Team Satan haven’t trashed Heff’s vintage Merc when they return it to him….

I’m still pondering on who’ll be this year’s Spirit of the Gumball winner. I’ve heard comments about the lack of ‘funny’ cars this year. Poignantly, this is a timely reminder that the Spirit of the Gumball doesn’t revolve around just quirkiness the cars, but the people that drive and support them: those who have done anything to reach the finish line; those who helped other Gumballers when they ran into difficulties; those who entertained the throng; those who properly made the event a Damned Good Time. Those who make the Gumball Rally a once (or several times, if you can)-in-a-lifetime experience, who continue to keep us on tenterhooks and who ensure that next year, we’ll be even more enthralled than we are now.

Chuntering and whirling up the highway as I write, I’m looking forward to having a dirty great grin on my face when I round-up the conclusion of the sublime whirlygig of G3000 2006.



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