Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn will take part in the Gumball 2006 in Bam’s Lamborghini Gallardo!

About Bam

Bam first broke onto the national scene as a 13 year old pro-skater known for his creative street style and wild antics. As a teenager he created the CKY video series, which featured skating, pranks and stunts, all filmed in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania. The combination of Bam’s unique on-screen personality and the tremendous grassroots success of the CKY video series became the platform for the hit MTV show “Jackass

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  1. word up dunn! man im a huge ass of cky some douche ags in my class think it sucks but straightened em out with a couple kick flips and grinds in skate.

  2. dude, those people that said it was a chainsaw really are stupid as fuck. i mean, im an eleven year old girl and i still know what a damn chain saw is. pphh… city people.


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