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Rapper Birdman Yet to Pay $ 8 Million Maybach Exelero

Rapper Birdman confirmed via his Twitter page in May that he bought himself a $ 8 Million Maybach Exelero. He was even planning to...

Rapper Pays $ 8M for Maybach Exelero

Buying a car to show off is one thing, getting a Maybach Exelero is the ultimate way of telling the world your status. Birdman...

Maybach Exelero For Sale

One of the worlds most exclusive cars, the Maybach Exelero, is currently being offered up for sale by an Austrian dealer. The price? A...

Maybach Exelero – video

The Maybach Exelero is not a new car. But we are proud to show you one very rare video of this car on public...

Maybach Exelero – Video

Maybach’s Exelero concept was released back in 2005, and stunned the motoring press with its crazy design and performance. The 700hp two-seater is fitted...