Maybach Exelero

Buying a car to show off is one thing, getting a Maybach Exelero is the ultimate way of telling the world your status. Birdman (aka rapper Bryan Williams) has paid a lot of cash for the one-off Maybach Exelero coupe. $ 8 million to be precise.

The co-founder of Cash Money Records also has a Maybach Landaulet ($ 1.5 million) and a red Bugatti Veyron ($ 2 million). He confirmed the story via his Twitter page and he is planning to paint it red.

The two-seater Maybach Exelero is fitted with a V12 biturbo engine capable of developing 700 horsepower at 5,000rpm and 1,020Nm of maximum torque at 2,500rpm. It propels the vehicle from naught to sixty in 4.4 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 351km/h.

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  1. Car companies like Maybach should work like Bristol,choose their customers,not giving away a mark in automotive history to someone that only curses and move his hands.Red? please dont give it!The exelero used to be my n1 favourite car,i guess it wont be anymore…

  2. I completely agree, this rapper will probably go ahead and put 26 inch rims on it too. One of the most iconic cars in existence is on its way to be defaced…….

  3. 8 mios is not that much on a huge and unique car, compared to for example the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Bugatti Royale Napoleon.
    I hope you are wrong No Murci and he won’t put fat ridiculous chrome wheels on it and I hope the red paint is not too bright and if he ruins it, I hope someone at Maybach gets his head cut off for that stupid deal. :(
    Finally Maybach built a fantastic looking car sadly just one and then the let it getting ruined – what a bunch of morons -.- I hope they go bust with their ugly Xenatec and their pimped S-Classes!

  4. Dude,real man,i try to sell it during next 3 years via anamera ,now via Jameslist besed one on this car stola phalcon

  5. Once again, I have to say what does the GTSpirit mean? If you want it, go get it. If someone else comes along that wants it, and can afford it, don’t be caught looking sour-faced about it. Its the way of the simpleton to be jealous, when the world is your oyster.

    To suggest that you would stop liking a car because a man has come along and gotten one for himself shows a lack of maturity, as well as resolve. I see something in life that I want, I plan for it and then I execute. I don’t waste a lot of time wondering what others own or have, which is why I’m not compelled to discuss with great detail my own holdings with anyone outside of my own family and friends. It’s silly and young.

    Let’s be honest the Exelero is old news. But if it tickles his fancy, let him buy one. If he enjoys red, let him paint it. Do you know how many chrome-plated and black matted vehicles I see and think “That is ugly.” A lot. Bankers, accountants, developers, celebrities. Pink Bentleys. Lime Green Lamborghinis. lol But, they earned their way, decided their preference, then bought and customized it as they saw fit. I may dislike the choices, but I can’t muster up the energy to say “Oh no. Why sell to that person?” or “I will never own that car because of what another did to it.” and finally “he will put it on big wheels”. How do you know this? You’re a psychic? No, I suspect just a bigot. Silly. Silly. Silly.

    In my world, this is an incredible sign of weakness. The exact kind of weakness that would prevent a person from earning the kind of money to buy their own Exelero.

    Chart your own path, instead of critiquing your neighbor’s. First one to make his own dreams come true is the winner.

  6. Does this story remind anyone of MC Hammer, I say it will be back up for sale soon enough …….Its hammer time

  7. Excellent description of the GTSpirit, Authority Figure!!

    I do hope to see that car again, even if there’ll be changes that are negative – that won’t make the car and what one can do with it less interesting…

  8. Let’s be honest the Exelero is old news. But if it tickles his fancy, let him buy one. If he enjoys red, let him paint it. Do you know how many chrome-plated and black matted vehicles I see and think “That is ugly.”


    Completely agree but it’s a one-off that should be preserved not disgraced with a red paint job.

  9. @ Authority Figure

    Hear, Hear!!!!

    Those ‘type’ of people would always be the ones looking from the outside in…too busy looking at others passing by they do not realise they are standing still.

    Miserable souls.

  10. If they guy can afford it then he can do what he wants to it once it’s his. You just wish you had the money like he does. You all probably couldn’t afford a honda.


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