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Official: Bluebird DC50 Electric Sports Car and Bluebird GTL Electric Race Car

It's official - Bluebird is set to release their new DC50 electric sports car at the Sustainable MotoExpo on Saturday September 28, 2013 at...
Dahlan Iskan Wrecks Tuxuci Concept Car

Car Crash: Indonesian Minister for State-Owned Enterprises Wrecks Electric Car Concept

As far as politics goes, crashing an Electric Car Concept financed by the state is not high on many government officials list of things...
'Nemesis' Breaks UK Electric Land-Speed Record

Nemesis Breaks UK Electric Land-Speed Record

A battery-powered Lotus Exige set a new electric land-speed record for the United Kingdom yesterday. The previous UK record stood at 137mph (220km/h), the...

Video: Electric Pikes Peak BMW M3 Driven by Bill Caswell

While the title to this video might not sound all that exciting, the word Electric in the context of the automobile never does, the...