Nemesis Breaks UK Electric Land-Speed Record

'Nemesis' Breaks UK Electric Land-Speed Record

A battery-powered Lotus Exige set a new electric land-speed record for the United Kingdom yesterday. The previous UK record stood at 137mph (220km/h), the Nemesis set a speed of 151.607mph (244km/h) during two runs along the mile-long airstrip at Elvington.

The Nemesis is run by Stroud, Gloucestershire-based company Ecotricity and was built in Norfolk. The Exige, upon which it is based, has a lengthened, lowered chassis with a shifted centre of gravity. Power comes from 96 lithium-ion polymer cells and two brushless motors with a completely new transmission.

The team want to push it further for their next project. They have set sights on a car that will exceed 250mph!



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