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The latest tuning news including photos and videos! Overview of the latest tuning news and models of Brabus, Techart, ABT, Hamann, Mansory, Revozport, TopCar, Gemballa and many other tuners.

900hp BMW M5 CS

G-Power BMW M5 CS is a 900hp Family Sedan on Steroids

The current BMW F90 M5 is among the most powerful luxury sedans available on the market today, it has a Competition trim and an...
Hennessey Hyper GT

2026 Hennessey 6-Wheel Drive Hyper GT Specs and Price

Hennessey has revealed its upcoming six-wheel-drive full electric Hyper-GT named ‘Project Deep Space’. The new vehicle will be a unique ultra-luxurious grand tourer capable...
ABT RSQ8-S and RS6-S

ABT RS6-S and RSQ8-S: New Packages with up to 690hp

ABT has revealed new Aero packages with carbon fibre parts for the RS6 and RSQ8 models which will be launched in mid-January 2022. The...
G-Power BMW M3 M4

700hp BMW M3 & M4 Revealed by G-Power

G-Power, a brand known for upgrading BMW M models for the last 40 years will now be offering their performance upgrade programs on the...
Novitec Ferrari Roma

Novitec Ferrari Roma Revealed with 704hp

Novitec now offers an exclusive customization program for the Ferrari Roma. The tuning company has developed modified controls for the electronic engine management system...
A45 S AMG front splitter

Treat Your Mercedes-AMG A45 S with this Carbon Splitter by Sterckenn

Sterckenn recently presented a new Carbon-Fibre Splitter for the Mercedes A45 AMG. The EU-based company is known for manufacturing performance body parts for BMW...
Manhart BMW

Manhart MH8 700 Cabrio: A 710hp BMW M850i

This is the new Manhart MH8 700 Cabriolet based on the BMW G14 M850i. The M850i convertible is powered by a 4.4 litre biturbo...
Brabus 800 GLS

2022 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 – Brabus 800 Kit

Brabus released a new Brabus 800 luxury SUV based on the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC. The engineers developed the Brabus PowerXtra B40S-800 performance...
Nightfury GT-R Fastest

NEW GT-R World Record: Meet the Quickest R35 GT-R in the World

With the world slowly getting back to normal, racing records can finally get set and broken. T1 Race are the new world record holders...
Mansory Aston Martin DBX rear

Carbon Overload: Mansory Aston Martin DBX

The DXB is the first luxury SUV and the first five-seater from Aston Martin. Mansory has taken on the DXB to refine it as...