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Brabus XLP 900 is a $700,000 G63 AMG Pickup with 900hp

Brabus XLP 900 price

The new Brabus XLP 900 is based on the current Mercedes G-Class of the W 463 Series.

Transforming the off-roader into a pickup with a large cargo bed required the Brabus engineers to employ state-of-the-art design and engineering software to develop a special module for the ladder-type steel frame.

Additionally, the wheelbase has been stretched by 50 cm while retaining the frame’s high torsional rigidity, the rear end of the cab is formed by a new rear wall with heated window and the newly designed pickup bed makes the vehicle 68.9 cm longer compared to the standard G63 without the rear mounted spare.

CSP, a business division of Brabus Group devised tailor-made carbon bodywork components in order to turn the overall 5.31 meters length into an eye catcher. These components including the rear side walls were manufactured using a complex prepreg process, they are complimented with new steel components and the material mix offers a combination of maximum strength, precise fit and high-load bearing capacity.

The Brabus 900 XLP has been equipped with Brabus Widestar bodywork components which consists of fender flares fitted with additional wheel arches, side rub strips, Brabus hood cowl with two power bulges and robust front and rear skid plates all manufactured from exposed carbon and finished in matt seal. Additionally, the Flexiteel headliner is extremely durable and gives the vehicle a touch of yacht design.

Furthermore, the exterior of the vehicle features a Widestar front fascia with large air intakes accommodating the exposed-carbon radiator grille, exposed-carbon trim panel with Brabus logo, tailor-made rocker panel to account for the longer wheelbase and high ground clearance, power-retractable steps available as an option, LEDs integrated into the flares and roof rack and exposed-carbon wind deflector with four auxiliary LED lights above the windshield. The rear doors have been modified to open at an angle of 90° to make getting in and out easier.

The interior features the finest Mondial Black leather upholstery adorned with Jet Black piping and black stitchings, shell-shaped quilting and perforations applied on the centre sections on the seats and parts of door panel, plastic parts enhanced with matt Rocket Red glazing and exclusive designer cockpit with a clock designed by Penerai.

The vehicle has also been equipped with a special chassis which enables extreme high-ground clearance of 49 cms and allows extensive articulation of both axles, a heavy duty suspension with portal axles and tailor made Brabus Ride Control coilover suspension.

The 900 XLP has been fitted with Brabus Monoblock Z HD wheels adapted to the portal axles with an eight-hole bolt pattern. The alloy wheels are of size 9.5Jx22 mounted on Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-terrain tires of size 325/55 R 22.

The Brabus 900 XLP is powered by an eight-cylinder, four valve, twin turbo engine delivering 900 hp at a low 6200 rpm and 1250 Nm of torque at a low 2900 rpm. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is achieved in 4.4 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 210km/h due to the all-terrain tires.

For the specification, the displacement was increased from the standard 3982 cc to 4407 cc, the engine bore has been increased to 84 mm and a special high-pressure pump with increased delivery rate and a modified air filter system was developed in order to supply the engine with enough fuel and engine.

The Brabus 900 XLP will be limited to 10 units only and sold for 658,625 euros.



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