Brabus officially presented its first ever supercar, ‘the Brabus 900 Crawler’ with in-house developed chassis, four seater and exposed-carbon buggy-style body to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The body of the new Brabus 900 Crawler is made from high strength exposed carbon, the company’s end goal was to build the ultimate racer vehicle suitable for the desert dunes and since it’s a fun car made for far off-paved roads, the new model is not street legal.

The new model has been fitted with a special tubular frame designed using CAD technology to ensure outstanding rigidity even on the tough off-road driving, the chassis is manufactured from high-strength steel finished in bright Brabus Red while the suspension mounted on the chassis is designed for maximum strength to support the portal axles on the front and rear.

The new design required the position of the engine, transmission, differentials and half-shafts to be raised higher. This required the use of high-strength aluminium elements including engineering special wheel ends with integral portal gearbox, all control arms, integral subframe of the independent transmission on the front and rear and the axle housing of the beam axle at the rear.

The complex design also enabled the Brabus chassis developers to achieve a maximum ground clearance of 53 centimeters which is advantageous when operating the on rough terrain.

The exterior of the new model has been equipped with tailor-made Brabus aluminium struts, four-way adjustable shock absorbers, huge tires with off-road tread pattern, Brabus Monoblock HD ‘Platinum Edition’ forged wheels, an identical spare wheel at the rear, extra-wide wheel arches, carbon fibre roof panel, tubular frame without doors or windows and a safety steel cell designed as a roll cage.

The new model also features a Brabus rear wing, integrated air ducts and vents for the rear seat passengers, two LED panels on the roof skin besides the central air intakes, stainless skid plates, radiators design to perform in hot deserts, wide carbon rocker panels serving as entrance aids and a special hood with two air intakes at the front.

In addition, the king-sized tires are of size 40×13.50 R20 whereas the forged wheels measure 9.5Jx20 for the front and rear axle. Furthermore, the wheels are manufactured with an eight-hole bolt pattern to match the Brabus portal axles.

The new Crawler is powered by eight-cylinders, two turbochargers and a 4.5 liter Brabus 900 Rocket V8 twin turbo increased-displacement engine. The engine delivers a maximum output power of 900 hp at a low 6200 rpm and 1250 Nm of torque at a low 2900 rpm. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is achieved in 3.4 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 160 km/h.

The interior of the vehicle features carbon racing seats finished in bright red Silvertex fabric with four-point seatbelts, intercom system which can be used with the four provided Brabus carbon helmets or with any headsets and red anodized parts including the pedals, driver footrests and switches to match the seats upholstery, frame and the chassis.

The new Brabus 900 Crawler will be limited to 15 units only, five of those are scheduled to be delivered this year, five more in 2023 and the remaining in 2024.

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