Sterckenn, a European frontrunner in carbon fibre elements for BMW M variants, has enriched its product portfolio with two distinct upgrades for the BMW M3 sedan and Touring models. These innovations aim to offer a balanced mix of aesthetic flair and functional gains.

Sterckenn has carved a niche for itself in producing aero components specifically for BMW M models. Fabricated within the European Union, the company utilises superior prepreg carbon fibre. It is noteworthy for offering a blend of aerodynamic improvements while respecting the integrity of the vehicle’s original design.

The company’s existing offerings are quite comprehensive, featuring an array of models from the illustrious M GmbH workshop. From performance SUVs like the X3 M (F97) and X5 M (F95) to esteemed models such as the F92 M8 and F87 M2, Sterckenn’s portfolio is varied. Notably, they’ve already provided front splitters designed for the G80 M3 that have been well-received.

Reacting to positive market response and consumer demand, Sterckenn has unveiled two tailored accessories for the BMW M3: carbon fibre side skirts and rear bumper extensions. These components are designed to accentuate the car’s existing qualities without overwhelming its striking aesthetic.

Advanced techniques such as 3D scanning and reverse engineering underpin Sterckenn’s latest releases. This ensures a high level of fitment accuracy that strives to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Sterckenn’s demo vehicle, outfitted with the new parts as well as a bespoke surfboard, exemplifies the impact of well-considered modifications. These carefully chosen upgrades contribute to a subtly enriched overall driving and aesthetic experience. To make the most of the opportunity, Sterckenn took the car (and a model) to a stunning beach at sunset to showcase the latest products in the best light, literally. Photographer, Tomek Sarna, did an impeccable job of capturing is all.

With its latest product additions, Sterckenn offers BMW M3 owners the opportunity to further enhance their vehicles in a refined manner. These new components underscore the company’s commitment to balanced design and technical precision, fortifying its standing in the competitive aftermarket landscape.

In addition to the BMW offerings, Sterckenn also provides custom parts for Mercedes-AMG models. These are distributed internationally via a network of authorised dealers.

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