Striking Exterior Updates

Undeniably, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 debuts a reinvigorated exterior design. Substantial modifications grace its front and rear fascias, a typical trend in mid-life vehicle updates. The front now features slender LED headlights accompanied by daytime running lights, all framed by a newly sculpted bumper and a redesigned lower grille. At the rear, the vehicle sports refreshed LED taillights and introduces 18-inch Photon and 19-inch Nova wheels.

Interior Reimagining: More Than Just a Facelift

Interior alterations arguably steal more attention than the exterior. Upholding its minimalist ethos, Tesla redesigns the Model 3’s dashboard to include ambient lighting, extending into the door panels. Speaking of doors, they too have been redesigned. In a bold move, Tesla has eliminated the steering column stalks and incorporated the turn signals into a novel steering wheel design, while the gear selector has moved to the touchscreen—actions that may provoke debate.

Enhanced Comfort and Functionality

Aside from aesthetic updates, comfort features receive noticeable enhancements. Front seats now offer a ventilated function, and buyers have the option to upgrade to a 17-speaker sound system.

Tesla enlarges the boot space to 594 litres, up from its previous 561 litres. Rear passengers enjoy an 8-inch touchscreen to control climate and access entertainment, whilst the primary infotainment screen has increased to 15.4 inches from 15 inches.

Powertrain and Range: The Numbers Game

Details about U.S. specifications remain under wraps, but European data reveals an 11-12% range boost. The entry-level Standard Range RWD achieves up to 344 miles, whereas the Long Range can stretch up to 421 miles (553 km). Acceleration stats remain impressive: the Standard Range hits 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds and the Long Range in 4.4 seconds.

Performance Enhancements: More Than Skin Deep

The secret behind the increased range isn’t entirely clear, although Tesla has reduced the drag coefficient from 0.23Cd to 0.219 Cd. This minor change plays a significant role in the vehicle’s improved efficiency.

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