This is the first Tesla in the world to complete 1/4 mile run in 8s, and it’s lady driven.

It’s a 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid with a stock drivetrain, the only change made to it is weight reduction which included side mirror delete and a stripped interior. It set a 1/4 mile time of 8.9s @ 155 MPH making it the first 8 second Tesla.

Driving it was Christine Dodworth who is by no means new to fast cars, her pro street Nissan GT-R already does 7s on the 1/4 mile stretch. Meanwhile, her husband currently holds the record for quickest GT-R R35 in the world with a time of 6.51s @ 230mph.

The Tesla Model S Plaid has been breaking records ever since it made its debut on numerous drag strips across the US. Taking advantage of the good DA at the Maryland International Raceway, the new record is just the beginning of a myriad of possibilities with the Plaid. Tesla already set the record for the fastest production electric car at the Nurburgring when a Model S Plaid lapped the German track in 7min 35.579secs.

Tesla Model S Plaid Specs and Price

PowertrainTri-Motor AWD + torque vectoring
Output1,020hp & 1,420nm torque
0-60mph2s (1.9s on prepped surface)
1/4 Mile9.3s @ 152.2 mph
Top Speed200mph
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