A video of a yellow Ferrari SF90 Stradale from Brazil has caused a stir on the internet after the delivery company made a crucial error while offloading the car. It appears as if the delivery guy failed to follow proper procedure to lower the ramps or the ramp lowering system was faulty. The lift failed to lower the SF90 down to the ground properly, and gravity did what it does best.

The extent of the damage is unknown, but we expect it to have an early start on the warranty claim or at least the insurance. According to our source in Brazil, the car was ordered by Cimed Group CEO (a health care service provider in Brazil) and comes with a list of expensive tailor made options. It was ordered through the local Ferrari dealership and given the high taxes in Brazil the price was north of $1.5 million USD.

Motor vehicles taxes in Brazil are as follows:
127% – Gasoline Car
60% – Hybrid Car
43% – Electric Car

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