The widebody trend continues to dominate the tuning and aftermarket industry, and Novitec just released their latest work based on a Ferrari F8 Tributo. The N-Largo projects from the Novitec share one thing in common – a massive widebody kit. That said, the Ferrari F8 Tributo has gained a significant amount of meat, growing by 13 centimeters in width.

The 3.9L V8 twin-turbo engine has been reworked to produce 818hp and 930 nm of torque which is available from just 3,100 rpm. The 0-100km/h time has been reduced to 2.6s while the top speed has been increased to 340km/h.

The new widebody kit was created by German designer Vittorio Strosek, only 15 cars will be made in this look. A wind tunnel was used to ensure that the parts bring both form and function to the table ahead of production. The designer went for an hourglass shape while also incorporating large intakes to cool the engine and the huge rear brakes. All in all, the width has grown to a full 211 centimeters.

The wider the car the wider the wheels, as such the F8 Tributo was treated to a set of Vossen wheels measuring 22x12j at the rear with 335/25 tires and 21×9.5j at the front axle with 255/30 tires.

The front and rear bumpers had to be completely redesigned to maintain harmony with the new widebody parts. Aerodynamic lift was eliminated in the wind tunnel. A rear hood scoop was added to maximize air supply to the engine, while the ducktail spoiler generates more downforce. Buyers can opt to have the widebody kit painted or finished in bare naked carbon.

Novitec added sport springs for more ride comfort, they lower the car by 35mm for a more flush look. The front lift system will raise the car by 40mm to navigate past speed bumps, normal ride height resumes when the car reaches speeds of 80km/h.

As for the sound, a stainless steel exhaust is available with or without valves. An even lighter option made from Inconel can installed on request, both set ups can be paired together with 100-cell sport catalysts. A 999 fine-gold plating option will present the highest level of thermal insulation on the N-Largo F8 Tributo.

Pricing for the N-Largo F8 Tributo was not included in the release.


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