Startech has redesigned the new Land Rover Defender with a sporty bodywork developed for on-road driving, 23 inch tailor-made wheels and an exclusive refined interior. All the bodywork elements have been manufactured in OEM quality from ABS plastics.

The company upgraded the front bumper of the Defender with a three-piece front spoiler whose center section takes visual cues from a skid plate with two vertical ribs. The two side sections have been shaped to ensure the front-axle lift force is reduced when the vehicle is at high speeds. The rear spoiler extending from the roof to the rear is their aerodynamic counterpart.

A Startech tailor-made cover for the rear door is available to customers who do not like the externally mounted spare at the back. The accessory conceals the mounting points when the spare together with the brackets have been removed. Additionally, the Startech trim panel features the contour of the Union Jack, the British national flag. The accessory is also available in the colors of the flag as an option.

The new Defender has been fitted with king-sized Monostar E wheels of size 10.5Jx22 at the front and rear axle combined with the largest TUV-certified YOKOHAMA street tires of size 305/35 R 23. The hub covers of the wheels have been designed like a centre lock to emphasize the sporty appearance of the alloys and the 10 pairs of spokes.

The Chassis of the new Defender has been upgraded to further boost the handling qualities of the tires. Startech engineers devised a special control module for the standard air suspension, the control module enables the driver to lower the ride height of the vehicle up to 35mm (lower than standard configurations) when on-road mode is activated from the cockpit.

The company also offers exclusive interior options ranging from red, blue or black anodized sets of bolts to replace the standard bolts and high-quality paint finish in various colors to replace the standard silver aluminium panels on the door trims, dashboard and the centre console. A list of exclusive accessories ranges from floor mats to aluminium pedals and footrest.

Startech also offers three tailor-made interior packages consisting of the finest leather and Alcantara in many colors, patterns and design to further enhance the interior as well as high-quality painting of all ex-factory silver or matt black bodywork components.


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