Lotus Evija to Give ‘Experience of an F1 Car’ But in a Closed Cockpit

The Lotus testing team and the Managing Director of Lotus cars Matt Windle have given their first impressions about the upcoming the Evija hypercar, as test phase approaches final months before production.

The Lotus EP1 is one of the several prototypes and the most advanced in terms of performance attributes. The test programme will feature several prototypes each focusing on different areas of development. Some prototypes will focus more on the build and technology, others on battery management and some on the motor development.

The Director and chief test driver of Lotus Gavan Kershow confirmed that the production of the EP1 hypercar is 80% completed in terms of battery, power, motor and body development and the 20% remaining is about perfecting the work to enable the vehicle deliver the driving experience of a true hypercar.

The Lead vehicle Dynamics engineer mentioned that the team is currently working on fast-completing the base dynamics of the vehicle and turning on the active systems including torque vectoring, traction control and active aero individually before fully unleashing the power and torque of the EP1 prototype. The team then plans to start tuning the drive modes to enable each setting to deliver unique characteristics.

Lotus currently own a 2.25 mile test track which is FIA compliant and located approximately 50 yards in the new Evija assembly hall. The vehicle has been built and designed without any constraints by a team of best technical partners who pushed the boundaries of technology and materials at every opportunity.

The engineers used latest technology some of which are only available on a Formula One car to to perfect the EP1 build and they also have the most power-dense powertrain in a car. The EP1 is already the fastest road car around the Hethel track going quicker than expected and the engineers are still looking forward to maximizing the performance of the vehicle in terms of power and torque capacities.

Kershaw added the the Lotus Evija will have the acceleration of a Formula 1 car, but in a closed cockpit. He also likened it to a “a little Group C racer” but with instant torque and power delivery.

The Lotus Evija was revealed in 2019, a full electric hypercar made in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering. It is powered by four electric motors placed at each wheel, developing a combined output of 2000hp and 1700nm of torque. These figures are based on the prototype vehicles.



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