Bentley has launched the new Bentayga Hybrid, joining the recent range of facelift models.

The new Bentayga Hybrid offers electric luxury and technology that positions it as the most advanced Bentayga to date.

The interior and exterior designs have all been updated to match the current design language. Customers of the Bentayga can block out noise from outside through the refined and acoustically-isolated tranquility of the cabin without engine interference. The interior can be further enhanced with the application of dark tint diamond brushed aluminium trim for the first time in a Bentley.

The Hybrid’s electrified powertrain consists of 12 main components. LED provides a visual indicator showing the state of charge of the battery which can be charged at a rate of 7.2kW/h. The battery can be charged to 100 in approximately 2 hours and consists of 168 individual cells with an expected life of 8 years.

Stored energy is converted into smooth and better performance through the 94kW E motor which can produce up to 350 Nm of torque. When combined with the 3.0 liter twin turbocharged V6 engine, the total output is 449hp and 700nm of torque. It achieves a pure electric range of 36 miles and a combined range of 546 miles.

The Bentayga has different drive modes and a customized button which allows control over the three E Modes – EV drive, Hybrid mode and Hold mode. EV drive mode is engaged immediately when the car is switched on and maximizes the electric driving experience as well as denoting the boundary between pure electric and hybrid power. This mode is ideal for city driving and short journeys. Hybrid Mode maximizes vehicle efficiency and is suitable for longer journeys. Hold Mode balances engine and electric power to hold high battery charge for later use. This is the default mode when in sport to supply consistent boost and recuperation.

The price and the performance figures have not been confirmed yet.

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